About us



Avocats Tunisiens Réunis , continues to capitalize on the latest developments in information and communication by investing in the use of high-quality digital platforms efficiency in order to provide its customers with rapid or even instantaneous responses. Avocats Tunisiens Réunis undertakes to deliver a service to you innovative, research-based in-depth and dynamic, supported by a remarkable practical base."


Avocats Tunisiens Réunis reincarnates the experience and know-how of more than 40 years dedicated to service of its customers. The team today has more than 6 seniors who take great care in instilling in the young people employees the key professional values of a law firm managed to know: rigor, punctuality, listening and organization."


Avocats Tunisiens Réunis is involved in the areas of activity of its partners, and wants to be multidisciplinary firm and open to the demands of the world of business. The ATR team is learning more and more about finance, accounting, taxation, management, human resources, and any field relating to providing a service comprehensive and practical legal ."